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Interviews with underground producers

Tue Jan 11, 2022 6:10 pm

Howdy Ya'll,

Starting this thread cuz I've I've been listening to tons of interviews during quaratine .. wanted to share a few of the ones that were a bit harder to find/ off the beaten path. Sound quality poor in some cases but lots of knowledge to be had. Please feel free to share other interviews that you find inspiring.

Interview with Daringer (Griselda Records)

Baker's Dozen one of my fav Instrumental Albums in recent years..He's often compared with the Alchemist but I think he really pioneered a fresh minimal slowed down, vinyl loop based sound where drums are often played down, sometimes eliminated altogether.

Interview With Nicholas Craven

Probably the most quickly up and coming underground producer atm. Based out of Montreal, Canada.
He's in a similar vein to the Griselda sound but more melodic.. his beats are very memorable.

Old Interview with MF Doom
Was looking for the full version of this for a while.
From the eve of the mm food release, which for me was at the end of one of the greatest and most prolific periods of any artist in hip hop.
The most in depth interview doom ever did in terms of talking about his production sense.

Hope you enjoy, looking forward to hearing any interviews ya'll feel like posted
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Re: Interviews with underground producers

Thu Jan 13, 2022 7:50 am

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